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Worthing Excelsior Evening 10

Ben Hardisty writes…

I’d always assumed that the Horsham G10/57 was the fastest course in the ‘G’ District (London South) but Mike had mentioned that his fastest ten was clocked on the Washington G10/98, so why not ‘come on down’.

So on a very sultry evening Stef and I raced down the A24 to try to make the 7.15pm start. We needn’t have hurried as by the time we arrived 20 or so riders had already entered. Mike started at no 19, myself 27 and Stef 28.

The course starts at the top of Washington Bostal and the riders have the advantage of a very fast start, in fact most riders would probably be averaging at least 30mph over the first couple of miles heading southwards. The course then turns at the Findon roundabout and retraces the route, quite draggy at various points, back past the start and down the hill picking up speed again towards the Washington roundabout.

This roundabout (A24/A283) is a busy one and its pot luck whether you have a clear run or get held up. As it happened I had a completely open run at it and sailed through keeping my momentum out the other side. Mike and Stef were not so lucky, hitting traffic.

Then the course turns at Ashington, a short climb up and then down into the underpass roundabouts and back out the other side for the final push turning left at the Washington roundabout for a couple hundred yards to the finish. I was expecting some wind on this final return leg, but what there was, was not strong.

Going by my previous times this year, I was expecting to clock a 24 or if I was lucky a 23. So I was incredibly surprised to hear my time, I had to ask twice “yes its 22-47”, a minute faster than my previous best, beating Stef in the process (are you reading this Stef ?!).

In total there were about 40 riders in what is obviously a popular event. And with a cup of tea laid on by Mel Roberton, what good value for £2.50.

egcc results
Mike Anton            22:42
Ben Hardisty          22:47
Stefano Arcidiacono   22:49