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Worthing Excelsior CC Club Ten

Not being a fan of the club’s hilly TT’s (just don’t have the bottle for those downhills) I took a drive down the A24 to ride with the Worthing Excelsior club on their evening ten.  This course can be fast and my own PB for ten is 23:18 on this course so with conditions looking good I was up for a crack at it. It was about 20 C and a breeze from the SW which is OK for this course (so I am told).

The road was still quite busy  when I set off at 7:27 so  I was wondering if I should have signed on later to get a clearer run but with 40 riders starting I was happy enough to get a place.

The first mile is downhill so my average speed approaching the first roundabout was 28MPH. I did not judge the approach very well and came off the aero bars far to early, losing some easily acquired speed. After negotiating some traffic, I set off back up the hill  and tried to keep it above 25 before I came level with the start point ready for some more downhill. At the 4 mile point I was still on target for a PB and also looking good at mile 7.

After the turn round I had less than 3 miles to go but this is the hardest part of the course and it was murder trying to keep my speed up and probably over cooked myself with half a  mile still left. I crossed the line in 23:27 which was my 2nd best ten ever but it left me wondering if I had missed a great opportunity to do a PB and get closer to 23! Hopefully I will get another chance to ride this course again this year and will try to refine my approach.

The best part of this club ten is the end.  The WECC members set up a little gazeebo and with a small gas stove make a cup of tea,  add a few biscuits and everyone is happy post ride.

1.   Marc Clothier    Southdown Bikes          20:29
2.   Howard Bayley    Blazing Saddle           20:53
3.   Guy Smith                                 20:57
25.  Ben Crick        EGCC                     23:27

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