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Worthing Excelsior CC 25

Worthing Excelsior CC 25 Mile TT  17th May 2015 – (88 finished)

Part 2
2nd part of my first attempt at a “Back to Pain” was the Worthing Excelsior CC 25 on G25/54 which involved twice of yesterdays course plus a bit more. The night before I was feeling a little “pasty” and happy the wife had booked us for an evening out at a Thai restaurant with friends. I am sure this is some sort of penance administered my way.
When I woke up at 0530 I felt better and got myself down to the HQ Broadbridge Heath. It was colder than yesterday but less breeze from the west so my take was this was better conditions. My legs felt OK as I drove down to the race but during the warm up there was a reminder from them of yesterday’s efforts.
No sign of the Pedal Heaven Trio that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the SCCU 10 yesterday, which left some space for EGCC and some plodders like me to get on the podium. However, In-gears Quickvit  Trainsharp had a few capable riders some maybe not. Only other rider from the club was Ben Hardisty who was a DNS due to helping Bradley Wiggins prepares for his attempt on the hour next month. (Note: that may not be true)

Out on the course, wearing my new Kask Bambino aero lid (which I am sure is making me slower) I set to work at trying to better my time from a few weeks ago, which was 1:04:45.  My plan was to ride an average of 24MPH to give me a 1:02:30, which for May would be fine, at least for me. Starting too fast is a common mistake in a TT so this time I was determined not to do that.  By Mile 5 with a slight tail wind my determination was paying off but at 22.3MPH I was well behind the plan. By mile 10 I was still only averaging 22.5MPH so had to man up a bit. At the start of the 2nd lap I was up to 23.1 and mile 20, the last turnaround my Garmin showed 23.5. I worked as hard as I could and managed to cross the line in 1:02:39, which from a “deliver to plan” perspective was a result and a step close to 59:59! (seems like the grand canyon at times)
There were other riders out there and I have mentioned a few below and they admirable times!

So 2 races in 2 days, is fun and I am pleased with the improvement in my 2015 times. Could I have gone faster in either if racing only one? Answer: probably. Will I be doing it again soon?  No!
1 Connal Yates In Gear   00:52:41
2. Chris Booth  Cadence Performance 00:54:13
3. Paul Burton Epsom CC   00:54:29
58. Ben Crick  EGCC    01:02:39

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