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West London CA 25

On a sunny but windy morning three grizzled veteran riders + one senior travelled over to the fast H25/2 course in Berkshire. That the course is fast is due to the simple fact that the first one to two miles are downhill on a not inconsiderable slope where freewheeling at 35mph is possible.

In the East Grinstead CC section of the result board Messrs Woodward, Hardisty, Arcidiacono and Winkley all struggled in the windy conditions, but Stef (the lone senior) prevailed with a ’61’ minute ride. The veterans all came home with a ’63’, Winkley, Woodward and Hardisty in that order, although there did seem to be some confusion in the results room over some of the times.


Richard Prebble – Giordana RT 0:52:02
Stefano Arcidiacono 1:01:40
Paul Winkley 1:03:28
Richard Woodward 1:03:33
Ben Hardisty 1:03:46