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Ultra-endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont

Dear East Grinstead Cycling Club

We thought some of your members might be interested to know that world record breaking ultra-endurance cyclist and adventurer Mark Beaumont will be heading to the Assembly Hall Theatre, Tunbridge Wells, on Tuesday, 22 March,  with his brand new Africa Solo show. Details can be found here: www.bit.ly/1Owb3qL

Mark has taken on numerous world records in ultra-endurance. In 2008, he cycled the globe 82 days faster than the previous time, went on to pedal the length of the American Cordillera (Alaska to Argentina) in 2009 and recently smashed the Cairo-to-Cape Town record by completing it in just under 42-days (an average of 160+miles per day, every day)

Africa Solo is a story of extreme endurance, through deserts, mountains and vast savannah, as much as it is the people who made this journey possible.  It’s a tough, sobering, heart-warming account of a continent often portrayed for the wrong reasons, and Mark’s ambition to push his limits and set unbreakable World Records.

Off the bike, Mark has filmed numerous BBC documentaries, presented for the 2014 Commonwealth Games and written two best-selling books

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