Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Track cycling at Herne Hill Velodrome

Ben Hardisty writes…

The iconic outdoor 450 metre cycle track is now very well used and amongst the plethora of events hosted, it offers kids the chance of a day of track cycling. If your kids can ride a bike, then you can register them for the ‘holiday club’ where the experienced coaches will give a gentle introduction to the art of riding a fixed wheel bike with no brakes. Mountain biking also available.

Subsidised by British Cycling the entrance fee of £15 per child represents tremendous value. My son and his two friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves today and are already talking about their next trip.

A lot of work is still planned and required for Herne Hill. While the track itself is in pristine condition, a shorter 250 metre flat track is under construction in the area inside the main track. But the surrounding facilities are dilapidated and/or crumbling and in much need of renovation work. It is hoped in the longer term that the only remaining venue still in use from the 1948 Olympic Games will be back to its former glory before too long.

It is a vital grass-roots facility to the local community and cycling clubs.

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