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Tooting BC Sporting 21m TT

Steve Dennis writes…

The club had two riders on the start sheet for Saturday mornings 21
mile “sporting” time trial involving two and a bit laps of the
Bletchingly road race circuit. Unfortunately the dry weather of the
previous couple of weeks finally ended while I was riding to the
village hall in Godstone. By the time the race started it was pretty

I knew Ted Boorman was around because I could see his training top
hanging on the back of a chair but I never saw him all day because by
the time I arrived he had gone off to the start and when I got gack
from my ride, he had already gone home!

The first mile and a half of this course doesn’t favour a south-
westerly gale with driving rain, so moral at the start was not the high
point of the morning! After turning left at Nutfield, you decend like a
stone towards the Dog & Duck and on to just north of Smallfield. A
sharp left on a gravelly junction sees you shortly climbing up to
Outwood and onto Bletchingly once more. There the kind marshall tells
you to do it all again! Only this time you finish just short of the
high street.

The result was as expected with top seed Ben Instone (Scientific-
coaching.com) taking the honors just 20 second short of his own course
record in 49:37. Mike Coyle (VC Etiole) second with 52:08 and myself
third 11 seconds slower. Ted did 1:05:56.

Pictures of the event can be
seen at www.londoncyclesport.com by Paul J Wright.

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