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Tilburstow Hill Downhill Champs

He was worried he was losing his “form”, but we have a surprise new downhill champion! After years of dominance by Richard Woodward, Paul Winkley will have the honor of showcasing the trophy on his mantelpiece next year. This is no game for lightweights, and Paul has apparently been taking his Thursday evening training program extremely seriously this year. It may be an all time record, with Paul making it past the junction and into the village. Accusations of hidden motors and pedaling have been strongly denied, and the Ship Inn have declined to comment on his preparation. 2nd went to Richard Woodward, and 3rd to Peter Beddingfield who bravely descended on vintage Aero bars. Steve Dennis finished off the leaderboard in Lanterne Rouge position, despite the tactic of wearing a well judged baggy raincoat, that theoretically could have acted as a sail with the tailwind.

The rules are simple, start at the top of Tilburstow hill and roll down towards Godstone without pedaling. The rider who makes it furthest up the other side before stopping wins. Thank you to “Race Official” Richard Blackmore for his skills with a piece of chalk.

Photos courtesy of Luke de Quay

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