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The North wind doth blow

Paul Blackmore writes…

It was sunny. Shame about the gale force north wind and freezing temperature! So we’re still in leg and arm warmers, but its still only May!

Steve D did what was necessary to win, despite being on his training bike, and being late for his start. The two small hills were made worse by the headwind, and this meant most riders were well down on their best times, Steve managing 24-52 for the win. Second claim member Marek Siwicki just pipped Andy S for second place on his road bike, in 25-41 to Andy’s 25-54.

PB improved from last week, if you can call 26-24 an improvement, for 4th (subject to time correction with timekeepers). Paul W continued his impressive start to the season, demonstrated by a second consecutive win in the handicap comp, with 26-49 for 5th. Ted B and Richard W tied for 6th.

Full results :

Dennis S     0:24:52
Siwicki M    0:25:41
Seltzer A    0:25:54
Blackmore P  0:26:24
Winkley P    0:26:49
Boorman E    0:27:09
Woodward R   0:27:09
Thomson S    0:28:29
Nainby A     0:29:43
Berkenhoff U 0:33:14
Seltzer L    0:37:29

Marek Siwicki writes…

Another blowy evening for the time trial event. I rocked up at the normal
start time and took off my jacket, it was decidedly chilly but I think this
helped to some degree as it gave me extra motivation to move my legs a bit
quicker in order to keep warm.

My main competitor for the TTs seems to be Andrew Seltzer who the week
before drew level with a time of 25.50, so my aim was to try and get inside
that time this week. At the start line Steve Dennis rocked up on his
rickshaw with two sumo wrestlers in the back (well his training bike) so I
actually thought that I may be in with a chance as Mike Anton was away and
he always beats me.

I set off and felt quite good, in fact most of the way around the wind
seemed to be not too bad except for the section with the small hill. This
was quite hard and I was aiming to keep the bike above 30kmph, I did not
manage it on the first time around as lost a bit of momentum getting out of
the saddle. Second time around I focused and stayed seated and managed to
get up the hill without losing momentum and stayed above 30kmph.

I was looking over my shoulder a bit worried that Steve would come steaming
past, but thankfully I think he set off a couple of minutes behind me.
Managed a time of 25.41 which was 9 seconds faster than last week and I
think I was in second. Of course Steve managed to beat me by almost a
minute even though he was riding his rickshaw, its not fair. Next week I
think Steve should be give a small caravan to tow.

Marshall: Neil Horrigan