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The Fabulous Phoenix Fifteen

Richard Woodward writes…

On a day when only mad dogs and Englishmen would go out in the mid day sun three EGCC riders lined up for the start of ‘The Fabulous Phoenix Fifteen’.

I nearly didn’t as when I arrived I first realised that I had forgotten my track pump, but I could soon borrow one of them. My next horror was that I had also forgotten my front wheel! My ride was rescued but the kindness of Rachel Groggon from the promoting club who lent me a front wheel.

At the start I was told of a prime at the top of Mill lane but I told them I wasn’t tempted unless there was a cold lager there waiting. The heat was such that many nearly suffered heat exhaustion.

I felt a slight breeze as Steve D sailed past in hot pursuit of Stuart Jardine, his minute man. I was a little surprised that Steve D wasn’t a zero number but this was explained to me later by Steve that he hadn’t got a good 10 time (He usually only does evening 10’s and a 22:20 wasn’t good enough!) I wish…

The return stretch along the A24 did provide a little breeze but unfortunately a headwind that wasn’t wanted. Times were a little disappointing, I did a 40:02, Angela did 40:07 with Steve D winning the event with a time of 33:05. I hope it won’t be as hot for the next hilly 25 on Tuesday.

Provisional results :

1st Steve Dennis East Grinstead 33:05
(possible overall course record)
2nd Keith Coffey Bec CC 33:55
3rd Tim Stevens 34 Nomads 34:11
(Winner last year with a 33:28)

Bob Stapley +7:49

Overall TEAM
21st Century

Womens time
1st Heidi Mason. Hastings & St Leonards 38:48
(new Womens course record and so collects the £50 bonus)
2nd Angela Brown 21st Century Airports. 39:19
3rd Joanne McRae, GS Avanti, 39:51

Womens VET
Gill Reynolds Willsden CC +3:50

Womens Team
Hounslow & District CC

Mark Perryman 1.39

Andrew Smith & Dave Abbot GS Stella. 34:33.