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Sussex CA 50

Mr Anton reports…..

Sunday saw Anton, Dennis and Winkley partake in a wee 50 mile tootle around the roads of mid Sussex.

The sunny weather looked to have been perfect but for the northerly wind which started out as a deceptive breeze and turned in to what felt like a full on gale on all the tough bits. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

In an attempt at being clever I decided to snap everyone off before me and then catch everyone else at the finish. This broadly went to plan aside from having to ride the 3 miles to the start with my camera swinging around between my legs, forcing me to ride in a decidedly unnatural bow legged style.

The start is at West Grinstead and goes down the A272 to Bolney before returning to the A24 via a long dog leg to and from Henfield. Back onto the A24 down to Washington and then along the A283 to Bramber before returning to the A24. Some kind souls had decided to erect some temporary traffic lights at Steyning and there may have been some creative interpretation of the light sequencing by some riders 😉

The final leg has the long uphill drag to the start of G10/98 before turning at Findon for the final run back to Dial Post. Normally I can tank along this bit but everything had gone completely pear shaped with the head wind so I just trudged on to the finish where I had a quick turn around to start snapping the rest of the field.

Whilst the wind certainly affected everyone, some people seemed to be immune to the conditions with 3 riders under 2 hours. Steve convincingly won with 1:53:09, 4 minutes faster than 2nd place Mark Winton of Lewes Wanderers.

Dave Shepherd of Liphook cycles was 3rd with 1:59:31 and Niall Digby of Sigma Sport 4th, also claiming the ‘best first 50’ prize to boot.

I finished in 2:06:01 though was convinced it was a 2:5:58. Mr Kilby thought otherwise but did give Paul 2:15:59 which I guess makes up for things, especially as we bagged 2nd team, and a bottle of wine each.

Worthing Excelsior won the team award with Steve fastest handicap and Harry Featherstone of Eastbourne Rovers the fastest vet on standard (as usual). The ladies competition only had two entrants with Louise Gould of De Soto Synergie bettering Elaine Scott of Brighton Excelsior.

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