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Sussex CA 25

Images courtesy Mike Anton

A glorious weekend’s weather was supported by an illustrious start sheet in the SCA 25 with the local top female and male riders being complemented by an Olympic Track Gold medallist and a National TT Champion.  Organiser Mike Anton has done a great job.

Meanwhile out on the course a good turnout and some solid rides from the East Grinstead contingent wasn’t quite enough to clinch the team award which ended up in the hands of In Gear once again. Having had a slow start to the season, Ben Hardisty rode to his slowest 25 since he could remember. However on the up side, he can only get quicker from here. “As I crossed the line I looked down at my time and thought my garmin must be playing up, I must get that firmware update sorted out”.

Mens results:
1  Michael Hutchinson  In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp  0:49:31  (New Men’s Course Record)
2  Conall Yates        In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp  0:52:59
3  Steve Kane          Brighton Excelsior           0:53:20
4  Nick Dwyer          Lewes Wanderers              0:54:06
5  Rob Pelham          Lewes Wanderers              0:54:23
6  Steve Dennis        East Grinstead               0:54:30

Ladies results:
1  Joanna Rowsell      Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling     0:55:38  (New Ladies Course Record)
2  Lara Taylor         VC Godalming & Haslemere     1:03:10
3  Helen Bullimore     Trainsharp RT                1:05:08

   Christian Yates     East Grinstead               0:59:52
   Simon Neave         East Grinstead               1:02:57
   Richard Woodward    East Grinstead               1:05:39
   Ted Boorman         East Grinstead               1:06:34
   Ben Hardisty        East Grinstead               1:10:46

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