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Surrey League Handicap

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Images courtesy Mike Anton


Thank-you all soooo much for volunteering so readily and then coming out on an utterly foul night to help with our East Grinstead CC Surrey League Road Race this evening. It might have been a relatively small field of competitors, but the EGCC race support crew was at full strength and I think we showed once again that East Grinstead really know how to put on a bike race!

I had a number of riders thank us afterwards for putting on the event. The commisssaire was very complimentary about the marshalling and the event in general and Paul the handicapper (who has seen a race or two) was similarly enthusiastic. So well done – it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone turning out; driving cars, making teas, being prepared to stand on the corner of a road for an hour or so; missing the tour highlights (and Emmerdale apparently!); and getting thoroughly soaked for their troubles.

Up the League!

(I was paid a small retainer to put that last bit in. I think that the poor old geezer means up the Surrey League, but it was difficult to tell as he wasn’t making a whole lot of sense…).  J

Our event was won by Adam Cotterell from ZAPPI Pro Cycling (he’s a 1st cat)

Thanks again,