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Surrey League Handicap

Huge thanks to you all for turning out this evening is some pretty diabolical conditions. Paul Tunnell (Chief Comm) was very, very close to calling the event off due to the standing water on parts of the course that could force both bikes and oncoming traffic out into the middle of the road. He was swayed by the small number that had signed on and was persuaded that we could go ahead as planned. And as far as I am aware, the event passed without incident this year – which is always a bonus.
For info, result was as follows:

5 Dominic Clegg
2 Sebastian Lewis
11 Stephen Broomfield
7 Ian Bray
8 Thomas Davies
12 Dan Dorns (??? Illegible writing!)
10 Lewis Winfield
9 Joe Hill
4 Tim Whitehead
6 Mark Bashford
1 Daniel Cottingham
3 Luke De Quay

Well done to Mark who bagged a BC license point. Commiserations to Luke who just missed out!
See you all again soon,

Images courtesy Mike Anton, Russell Hicks & Ben Hardisty

more images here https://flic.kr/s/aHskyMwqYE

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