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Surrey League at Goodwood

Glorious Goodwood

When Andy [the Chairman] Seltzer mentioned there was a Surrey League event at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, I thought ‘umm now there’s something I haven’t done in years!

So holding my British Cycling 3rd Cat licence in my sweaty mitt I set off up the A27.
It’s amazing how many of the usual suspects are still around from my road racing heyday a few years ago, and it soon became apparent they could still race as well!

Having not bothered with a warm up we set off at a cracking pace with ‘moves’ going up the road one after the other. It soon became apparent we were going to quickly catch the Elite/ 1st /2nd cat group who started ahead of us – having had the lecture at the start from the organiser what to do if they caught us it was slightly ironic!

Breaks came and went some with an East Grinstead interest but most without, with Andy trying a few ‘do or die’ moves. One break of course stayed away till the end and not seeing the point in sprinting for 10th place both Andy and myself finished comfortably in the bunch.

A good 47 miles training in glorious weather I’d recommend it!

Paul Winkley

photos courtesy Bev McLoughlin

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