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SPOCO SE Sporting 25

[metaslider id=2711]Steve Dennis writes…

You’ve probably read Ben Hardisty’s report on saturday’s 10. What he forgot to mention was the nagging head-wind up the A29 to Ockley, which by the sunday morning was a mini Mistral. Sunday’s “sporting” 25 consisted of two laps of an 11 mile circuit, with a 3 mile tail tagged on the end. Originally designed as an emergency course for the national 25 held in 2005, in the event that the A264 or A24 dual-carriageways were obstructed by roadworks or something.

I was off no.30 in a field of 56 joined by fellow EG riders Kev Bashford (no.3), Al Starsmeare (no.28) and Paul Winkley off no.51 (just his age!). Scratch man was previous day’s winner Ben Instone. Bright sunshine was the order of the day but most opted for arm warmers and gloves to fight off the morning’s chill.

From the off it was hard going being mostly up hill and into that head-wind. Along the Capel by-pass and left onto the A29, you picked up the tail-wind which was a moral-booster. Through Ockley and onto the 2nd lap and this is when it started to hurt. 5 miles of head-wind again was enough to sap all but the toughest legs, so much so that I was not able to activate the illuminated warning sign for a second time just off the Beare Green roundabout!

Down through Ockley again, past Bob Stapley sitting in his chair at the bottom turn, and onto the finish in Strood Lane near Warnham. It might be advisable to swap bikes for a cyclo-cross model at this junction as the road surface is so bad! Fortunately it’s only for half a mile.

In the end, Instone wins as expected with an impressive 53:18, I’m second with 55:01, Paul does 1:05:27 and Kev & Al don’t start, which is a bit of a shame because we probably would hae got the team prize.

Full Results:
1 Ben Instone       www.scientific-coaching.com 53:18 
2 Steve Dennis      East Grinstead CC           55:01 
3 Martin Williamson London Dynamo               56:04 
4 Shaun Kennedy     BEC CC                      58:00 
5 James Dear        In-Gear Quickvit RT         58:08 

Other Club results:
Paul Winkley     01:05:27
Kevin Bashford   DNS
Alan Starsmeare  DNS

Mike’s photos

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