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SPOCO SE Sporting 10

Ben Hardisty writes…

Well my second event of the season coincided with a second spell of decent cycling weather – in fact it was very warm and if the event had been longer sun cream might well have been the order of the day.

My first go at this course, a kind of figure of eight, starting and finishing near the middle at Oakwood Hill, mainly on the back roads between Warnham and Ockley – with plenty of rises and drops to keep you warm and short of breath.

Unfortunately I did not plan my day well and then got stuck in a traffic jam en route, so arriving at HQ with 20 minutes to sign on and pick up my number and no time to warm up. If there is one event you really must warm up for, its a 10, so not a good start. Then after a mile or so with the sun shining through the trees I didn’t spot a pothole which resulted in my saddle dropping at least an inch. No matter, onwards and upwards (mainly upwards on this course it seemed).

Dominic Harrison duly came past just before hitting the A29 and I tried to stay with him for as long as I could. Then a bottle appeared from nowhere – ejected from a passing car filled with young lads – thanks very much I shouted, or something similar, fortunately they were happy with their moment and moved on.

Towards the end of the stint on the A29 I spotted my minute man and this spurred me on, catching him just before passing Mike taking photos in a sunny spot – excellent pics by the way Mike & Josie.

After seeing Mike there was a lovely long fast straight stretch before a couple of small climbs back the finish. The course had mile markers for the last 5/6 miles which were a welcome sight.

A very well organised event – many thanks to Robin Johnson and his crew. I will be pencilling this in for next year.

Full Results:
1 Ben Instone   www.scientific-coaching.com 22:07 
2 Steve Dennis  East Grinstead CC           22:30 
3 Ray Hughes    Clarence Wheelers           23:08 
4 Neil Houldey  Horsham CC                  24:00 
5 Shaun Kennedy BEC CC                      24:02 

Other Club results:
Richard Woodward 27:03
Ben Hardisty     27:29
Alan Starsmeare  DNS

Mike’s photos

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