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Southern Counties CU 10

Southern Counties CU 10 Mile TT  16th May 2015 – (70 Finished)

I had seen other club members race back to back days and always thought it to be a crazy thing to do and why would I want to put in an average time one day and then a slower one the next ?.  With my diary fast being filled up by Mrs C I needed to get some racing in somewhere to pursue my quest to break the hour for 25 miles and 23 minutes for ten.

I got close towards the end of last season with a 1:00:31 on H25/8 and an unofficial 1:00:01 on G25/54 so hopefully it’s in me somewhere and it will take some more training, more power, less body weight and that so called “float” day when the conditions are just right to get me there. Not too much to ask then!

Part 1
First part of my “back to back” was the SCCU 10 on G10/57. My best on this course is 23:45 and last week I did a 24:45 so work to do if I am to get close to that. The conditions were quite good with a breeze from the SW and temperature at 0700 was 11C ,  better than last week so less excuses. My minute-man was Sean Yates so he would be seeing me soon once I got this bulk moving, I thought to my self as he was pushed off. I actually saw Sean sooner than I expected but he was coming the other way!
With less of a tail wind this week, I was slower going out but thankfully faster coming back with what I would estimate to have been a 10 mph breeze to push through. With 2 miles to go, I was about 25 secs up on last week so better, but no PB. In the back of my mind I was thinking about the 25 tomorrow but went for it all the same crossing the line in 24:07
Chris Yates was also “out to play” and he was out and back like a rocket. His time of 21:31 bagged him 7th and interestingly, this was the same time he clocked last   week on this course  in what were tougher conditions. Paul Blackmore was also in action and posted a credible 23:07. Never saw Paul at the end so not sure how his ride went but guessed he was off to swim a mile and run 10K a these TRI men do!
Paul Winkley was DNS but to be fair was CNS, Could Not Start due to a broken collar bone (wishing him a speedy recovery)

Headline has to be the winner, Chris McNamara (now a vet) who rode 19:41, which for a morning ride, with a breeze is fantastic! Plus his Pedal Heaven team mates at 2nd and 3rd. Note: I did check their bikes for motors but none found!

1. Chris McNamara  Pedal Heaven  19:41
2. Jamie Pine  Pedal Heaven  19:44
3. Robert Moore Pedal Heaven  20:08
10. Chris Yates EGCC   21:31
32. Paul Blackmore EGCC   23:07
43. Ben Crick  EGCC   24:07

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