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Southborough & District Wheelers 25

Steve Dennis writes…

Damn! I wish I’d sprinted those last 200 metres!
I got beat by one second in Southboro’s 25 on Sunday morning.

Coffey seems to have found his legs at last and decided to give me a
hard time! It must be all those 100’s he keeps riding. Two in one
weekend at one point I am led to believe.

Sunday’s weather was forecast to be perfect (Compared to the last few
weeks anyway), but it still seemed like you were riding through thick
The road surface on the A22 south of Uckfield not being too
much help either.

Two East Grinstead riders were down to ride this edition of the race.
Kevin Bashford, off at 6:51 produced a respectable ride returning in
exactly 1hr and 33 seconds. I was off 39 minutes later having been
given the honour of last-man-off at 07:30.

There was very little
traffic at this time of day which made life a little more bearable at
the roundabouts and I had a problem free ride.

1st  Keith Coffey   Bec CC             54:48
2nd  Steve Dennis   EGCC               54:49
3rd  James Dear     In-Gear            55:31
4th  Iain Brogden   Eastbourne Rovers  57:36
5th  Michael Valks  Sussex Nomads      58:11

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