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Sierra Nevada Limite – from trackside

Lorraine Seltzer writes…

Here we go, this could be really boring or else provide a useful insight to those who come, watch and support all you cyclists. This is my record of the day that Megan and I had in the Sierra Nevada following 2 mad Englishmen doing 100km’s off road.

0700 hrs for those of us who thought that we’d take an easier day’s activities our day started. Trips to bathroom, checking that we had everything from waterproofs to sun cream and those essential toys that could not be left behind. A visit to the rather excellent breakfast bar at the hotel for eggs and bacon (sadly missing the following morning!) and stocking up on filled rolls for later. Twenty minutes later we were in our cars heading out up towards snow covered mountain tops. We parked in a rather large underground car park along with many other mad cyclists and partners, wrapped up warm and headed outside.

I was handed a camera and asked to get some photos of the start. 0900hrs and everyone started, five minutes later and we see Andy and Gary! Sarah had headed off into the distance to get some photos of them on the single track. Megan and I got a good view of the hundreds of riders heading out for a fun day of riding; we stood in the sunshine and played I- spy until Sarah got back. When all had left so did we.
We dived into the Williams mobile and headed off down the mountain; 10 minutes later we were stopped by the “Guardia Civil” and watched the riders coming down the mountain road. Half an Hour later and the road block lifted we were able to head off again.

This time we stopped at the service station at the bottom of the mountain. Megan decided that she’d stop in the car and continue her colouring, Sarah and I got out to do our supporting bit just in time, as Gary came through and five minutes later Andy. We decided that we needed to stretch our legs so we had a walk to the feed station and caught up with several of Gary and Sarah’s friends, gave them a cheer and then we strolled back along the river bed. This time Megan decided that she should practise some of the Spanish Sarah had taught her “Vamoos !” , was being shouted at every rider going past us, It cheered them up.

Back in the car and after some light refreshment we decide to go for a quick visit to the Alhambra in Granada. Parking the car we can see the riders again this time doing their bit of sightseeing but decide not to try and spot our two. We visit the castle and with all those other normal tourists take in the round courtyard, lovely gardens and orange trees. Then we decide that we ought to make a move back to catch our guys finishing.

As we head back up the mountain we can see the first riders nearing their end (after about five and half hours!) We park and have a nice lunch of paella, within the sight of the finish line.

Megan had earlier spotted a T-Shirt shop and of course we had to do some girly things. Megan getting a very nice t-shirt in the process.

Then back of the serious stuff waiting for them to come in. We find a nice spot in the sun and wait; hopefully they won’t be too long. Hurrah we spot Gary coming in and give him a big cheer. Sarah goes to collect Gary and when they come back complete with lolly for Megan Andy arrives Six and half hours after starting – well done.

More photos and tales and we head back down the mountain to our hotel.

Later and we hit the bar for cokes, orange juices and then finally something stronger and Tapas, whilst waiting for the restaurant to open at 8pm.
Finally at half past nine, Megan and I hit the sack thoroughly exhausted after all our hard work

That’s that done for another year, we had a brilliant time at Gary and Sarah’s, excellent hosts and they know all the good places to ride and more importantly to eat and drink – Thank you guys.

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