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Shoreham Airport

A select group of the Clubs hardmen set off for a ride to Shoreham Airport on Sunday or rather delayed at the top of Turners Hill to wait for crash victim No. 1 Paul Harris. Paul had come down on a roundabout at the bottom of West Hill even before leaving ‘Grinstead’. Blooded but unbowed we set of in his wake – clearly adrenalin was pumping after the crash!

A glorious ride through Partridge Green and Steyning to average over 19mph at the foot of ‘The Bostal’ Ted turning for home and Winkley ‘wimping’ out muttering something about his coach ordering him to have an easy week!

Turning into the airport a misunderstanding between Harris and Woodward saw the latter on the deck – Sharp intake of breath whilst Woodward feels the shoulder he broke last year! All was OK and a very pleasant tea stop with Andy ‘Full English’ Seltzer living up to his name.

Then the long haul home into a slight headwind, the crash damaged bikes beginning to make themselves known – a bent rear mech for Harris and a broken rear mudguard for Woodward. Winkley opened a book on how many more bits would fall off Woodward’s bike before home most of which reappeared for sale on EBay on Sunday night!

Just when we thought nothing else could happen Winkley’s rear tyre went flat and the offending lump of glass was found duly removed with a handy sharp object – Martin Malins and his excellent teeth are never around when you need them!

Apart from some very tired legs the rest of the ride was uneventful. 67 miles in all
Look forward to doing it all over again to Newhaven next week only even further – could someone please remember the Elastoplast!


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