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Ben Hardisty writes

It was a stunning morning as I drove along most of the G25/53 course on my way to Broadbridge Heath HQ. With only a 9-10mph NE wind, I was looking forward to clocking a respectable time on this fastish 25 mile course.

However on signing on it became apparent that there was a course change, due to roadworks on the southern end of the course. After the replacement course was explained to me, I have to admit I did momentarily think about heading off. But hang on a minute it was a beautiful morning, perfect for a bike ride, and I had a 50 the next weekend, so I ‘needed’ to get down to the start.

An extra 10 minutes had been allowed by the organisers as the start was about 5/6 miles away. The extra distance to the new start point caught a few folk out as several riders missed their revised start times. This included the first rider off, who when he was told he would have actual time + late start time added, prompty decided to turn back for home …well I guess he was going to do 10 miles to the start and back. But a long way to come and then not ride.

As it transpired the new course was in fact the G25/44 course – starting near Kingsfold heading up the A24 and down the A29 back to Kingsfold, another loop, then a couple of extra miles down the A29/A281 to finish. I’d not done this course before, but I knew enough about the area to know that the course would have some sporting elements, and I wasn’t disappointed. The A24 section was the hardest, into the NE wind, the lower section of the A29 was easier getting the benefit of the wind. All in all quite a nice course.

I clocked 01:07:42 which wasn’t great when matched against a 58:02 from Paul Thatcher (Brighton Mitre) but I wasn’t too upset. I left before the faster riders finished, to make the most of a glorious day with some gardening chores.

From the club Kevin Bashford managed an excellent 01:02:08 but Stefano Arcidiacono and Claire Isted didn’t ride due to Stef being unwell on the morning.

Chapeau to the organisers who only received notification of the roadworks at the last minute.

1  Ben Instone       Scientific-Coaching          00:52:27
2  Richard Prebble   Candi TV-Marshalls Pasta RT  00:55:11 
3  Laurence Harding  Shorter Rochford RT          00:56:02  
4  Lee Turner        Sigma Sport                  00:57:08
5  Mark Newton       Sydenham Wheelers            00:57:47
6  Paul Thatcher     Brighton Mitre CC            00:58:02

egcc results
Kevin Bashford  01:02:08  
Ben Hardisty    01:07:42