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SCCU Centenary 100, a new team record

Richard Blackmore reports……

There were exactly 100 riders on the Centenary 100 start sheet and the event took place in almost perfect conditions.

We had 3 riders competing and also with the aim of improving the Club team record for 100 miles.

Steve Dennis (“I’m never going to ride a ‘100’ again”, 2002 quote) had his arm twisted, he had no excuse when I offered to take over his marshalling duties. Brian Phillips and Mike Anton made up the team.
Unfortunately 2 other EGCC riders on the start sheet made up 50% of the non-starters for the whole field.

Steve very sensibly rode a cautious (for him) first 50 and when I saw him at about the 60 mile mark he was 40 seconds down on Brian. However I think that he must have then realised that he was going OK and could
actually complete the full 100 miles without conking out, and he then went into top gear.

With Mike off 30 minutes earlier, he had finished and was taking photographs on the finish line when
Steve flew across to finish in 3-56-53 – a personal best, I believe.

Brian came in 15 minutes later having riden in his usual consistently excellent fashion to record 4-1-21. A good solid performance by Mike, who did 4-19-43, completed the team effort.

And yes they did set a new Club 100 team record, their accumulated time of 12-17-57 beating the
previous record set in 1994, by a massive 41 minutes.

For the record, the event was won by Keith Coffey in 3-48-55, a new course record. Tim Mardall was 2nd with 3-53-15, Shaun Kennedy was 3rd with 3-55-15 with Steve D 4th and Brian 9th overall.

E. Grinstead were 2nd team after the winning team of Bec C.C.

Mike adds…

Having worked out earlier in the year that we only needed three 4:19’s to improve the club record, I knew Brian would be good for it and with the right persuasion, Steve wouldn’t have too much trouble.

I started out really badly and had my 3, 5 and 10 min men pass me within the first hour and three quarters. My speed didn’t improve and I didn’t have much hope for the last 40 miles which is the slower ‘half’ based on the A272 and A24.

As it was my knees weren’t too grumbly and I actually had a good ride. Granted my 15 and 20 min men passed me in the closing miles but I didn’t get that much slower.

A cracking day weather wise and a very well run Centenary event courtesy of Mr Starmer and his army of supporters.