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Steve Dennis writes…

…..Further to what others might have reported, I can imagine there
has been a certain amount of mickey taking in the bar of the Rose &
Crown about Dennis needing a GPS on his bike to find his way around,
well todays little misadventure only confirms this jibe to the effect
that he is seriously cosidering a check up from the neck up!

A little after half way in this mornings SCA 50 champs the course
details clearly stated “Straight on 2nd exit to New Bridge RBT where
TURN”, so what did I do? Went flying staight over without a thought,
even if there were about a dozen marshalls in bright yellow tabards
waving frantically.

I still don’t know why I did It. It was one of those senior moments I
Anyway, I timed myself over the extra section of road that I did after
the event and it took just under 2 mins so I probably would still not
have won the event as Mr. Harding (the winner) was 2mins 19secs up at
the finish.

I did get second place though and so doing, won the SCCU Presidents
Trophy and £55!

1  Laurence Harding www.agiskoviner.com  01:49:45
2  Steve Dennis     East Grinstead CC    01:52:04  
3  Tim Mardall      VC Etoile            01:53:52 
4  Keith Coffey     Bec CC               01:53:58  
5  Shaun Kennedy    Bec CC               01:53:59
6  Colin McDermott  Festival RC          01:54:16  

1  Fiona Lawrence   www.agiskoviner.com  02:10:31  
2  Deborah Percival 34 Nomads CC         02:14:12  
3  Tamar Collis     Addiscombe CC        02:17:43    

Steve Dennis      01:52:04  
Paul Winkley      02:11:12
Stef Arcidiacono  02:14:25
Ben Hardisty      02:16:27
Ben Houston       02:24:10
Kevin Bashford    DNS