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Steve Dennis writes…

Less than 12 hours after getting home from my little foray into Essex I was on the bike again riding over to the start of the Southern Counties Cycling Union 25 at Broadbridge Heath. This time there were EGCC clubmates to join me in the shape of Richard Woodward and Chris Kitchenham to make up a team of three, not that we were going to be in the running for an award with the all-powerful Lewes Wanderers out in force. Still, in the words of the great Tom Simpson, “You’ve got to have something to aim for”.

The morning dawned still and dry, but it wasn’t to last as the breeze got up from the south-west, and by the time Chris was off at 08:35 there was quite a wind blowing. All three of us were in the latter part of the field, so at least we got a chance to see one another at the HQ before disappearing off home!

Chris was back first and seemed a bit disappointed with his time of 59:04. Richard then returned with a time of 1:3:14. I was last-man off again as favorite and had a class field to contend with, but my time of 51:08 was enough to see them off and take the win.

1st    Steve Dennis       EGCC                0:51:08
2nd    Nick Dwyer         Lewes Wanderers     0:52:20
3rd    Rupert Burbidge    Redhill CC          0:52:43
4th    Iain Brogden       Eastbourne Rovers   0:53:00
5th    Dominic Hill       Bec CC              0:54:53
6th    Rob Pelham         Lewes Wanderers     0:54:59 
34th   Chris Kitchenham   EGCC                0:59:04
62nd   Richard Woodward   EGCC                1:03:14