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Steve Dennis

For those of you who can remember the famous Courier headline “Dennis
wins, but wind is a problem”! Yes, at long last Steve D has scored his
first (and probably last) win of the season in the Southern Counties
Cycling Union (SCCU) 25 mile TT at the weekend.

Off last in a field of 76 riders he started conservatively into a
stiff north-easterly breeze on the outward leg to Crawley from
Broardbridge Heath. The return, as you might expect, was a chance to
get the big gears rolling – all the way to Southwater south rbt, where
you have to turn again and grovel back to Broadbridge Heath.

His time of 54:51 was 20 seconds clear of nearest challenger Keith
Coffey of South London’s Bec CC, and 41 secs clear of 3rd placed Mike
Coyle of Brighton based VC Etoile. Everyone reported a “slower than
normal” ride due mainly to the unusual wind direction.
EGCC had two other riders on the start card.

Ted did his usual thing
and not turn up, while Richard Woody left early when he saw that he had
gone nearly two minutes slower than the previous week! – Probably due
to sore legs from saturdays 10.

Needless to say we stood no chance in
the team award this week with only two riders. That was won easily by
the Bec who had 3 riders in the top 12.

1st  S. Dennis   EGCC        54:51
2nd  K. Coffey   Bec CC      55:11
3rd  M. Coyle    VC Etoile   55:32
4th  T. Stevens  '34 Nomads  55:51
5th  S. Kennedy   Bec CC     56:17
6th  L. Turner   Sigma Sport 56:21