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Paul Winkley writes…

‘The Counties 25’

A few opportunities remain for a fast 25 time this season, so it was that three East Grinstead ‘Middlemarkers’ faced the timekeeper on the ‘semi fast’ G25/53 at Horsham. Many in the club know my outspoken views of grinding up and down the counties dual carriageways but at least this one has three drags uphill to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

Sunday dawned a relatively still morning, I was first off followed by Ange Nainby two minutes back and with Ben Hardisty getting a further 20minutes lie in.
Testing out some new carbon wheels which I had only ridden up the road a couple of times seemed to be OK once I got used to the fact that they only like to go in a straight line, but boy do they make a great noise!!

I came home in 1.01.37 two and a half minutes quicker than my previous ride on this godforsaken course, best time since 1995 and a PB for an open event.

Must have given Ange something to chase [or was I worried about being caught!] she came home with a 7 year best time 1.02.52. Don’t know if she won the ladies prize but when I left it was looking good!
Must be something in the water – or was it the extra 20 minutes in bed, Ben recorded 1.05.43 a PB by two minutes!

So, not stunning times by Steve Dennis’ standards [he was marshalling – thanks for the shout Steve!] But a nice warm glow all round for us mere mortals.

NB for the uninitiated reader: PB = Personal Best

EGCC results
Paul Winkley  01:01:37
Angela Nainby 01:02:52
Ben Hardisty  01:05:43

Full results
1. Keith Coffey     Bec CC      00:52:55
2. Mark Winton      Lewes Wdrs  00:54:29
3. Paul Read        Redhill CC  00:54:57

1. Angela Nainby    EGCC        01:02:52
2. Deborah Percival 34th Nomads 01:04:06

Best Team
Redhill CC

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