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Ben Crick writes…

Three East Grinstead  riders were on on start sheet, Ted Boorman, Maddy Lee-Smith and Ben Crick for the Southern Counties CU 25. A cooler than usual start (about 8 or 9 Degrees C) and when I saw Maddy after her warm up she clearly needed to get warmer so was going back to her car for some leg warmers. I was off an hour later so wished her well and went to get my arm warmers. There was very little wind so when I set off at 08:43 I would only had myself to blame for a slow time or hopefully a faster one. 

At the first roundabout I received some very welcome encouragement from our chairman Richard Woodward which helped me as I headed east towards Crawley. At the top of Tilgate Hill,  I was a bit down on my time from last week so started to work harder to try and make it up which I did by the time I got to the Rusper roundabout.

At one point on the A24 just after the Broadbridge roundabout  I was doing 30 mph on the flat feeling great only to be passed by Pete Tadros who must have been doing 35 + . Crossing the line in 1:01:25 was another PB for me and back at the HQ there was a fair few sub 60’s. There was no time shown for Ted so he may have been DNS but I was very pleased to see Maddy did a very respectable 1:00:54.

1st Pete Tadros 50:24
Maddy Lee Smith 1:00:54
Ben Crick    1:01:25

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