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Steve Dennis writes…

Well what can I say…… Why do the weather forcasters always get it
right when they say it’s going to rain?
Rain it did… and wind… To say I rolled up to the start with a
little less enthusiasm than usual would be an understatement. And I
think I speak for most of the others in that respect too.

As I turned
up at the HQ in Bletchingly, Andy was just about to head off to the
start, hands trembling with the cold as he fumbled with his saddle
pack, he too seemed less than keen at the prospect of 21 miles in the
aforementioned conditions.

Meanwhile, Ted Boorman and Paul Winkley were already out on the road.
The nature of the course meant that you had to complete two circuits of
just under 10 miles plus a bit up from the start to make up the
distance, and in doing so, there is a chance of catching or being
caught by riders on another lap.

This happened to me when I caught PW
who was on his 2nd lap and I was on my 1st and with fresher legs. Paul
was taking it careful on the decents riding his new race bike and his
time of 1hr 7mins 37secs reflected this.
Ted, suffered a puncture and struggling to find form came home in 1:10:27.

I saw him at the HQ afterwards. He was about to ride home wrapped
up in everything he had and looking like he needed a holiday in the
sun. Andy on the other hand, despite complaining of the cold looked
quite in control of the situation, and produced a respectable 58mins

Myself, well lets just put this one down to experience. Considering I
won this event in 05 with 51:22, I had to settle for 8th place with 57:
02. Better luck next time……. Oh I nearly forgot, the winner was
Clive Nicholls of High Wycombe CC in a superb time of 52 mins dead –
catching Andy on the finish line!

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