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SCCU Sporting 21

SCCU Sporting 21

Luke’s Report:

The course is two circuits of the roads between Bletchingly and Outwood, and its rather hilly. In fact, you’re either going up or down the whole time, so I decided a lightweight road bike with thin cotton tyres would probably be most suitable. The fact the roads are like farm tracks in some sections was somehow omitted from my decision making, and I decided to leave pump, tubes etc at the HQ. This was a mistake.

I set off no.12, and had managed to pass no.11. Just before the Dog & Duck pub, I took the left hand turn, thinking this was where the course went, after all, there were no marshals to stop me.. By the time I reached Outwood and pulled out behind no. 6, I realised I’d made a mistake. Oh well, I was riding well, so I’d just keep going and own up to my short-cut at the finish.

I was feeling quicker on the second lap than the first, and passing the point of my 1st lap wrong turn, BANG! My rear tyre went pop at pretty well the furthest point on the course. I rode on the flat tyre for a bit, then decided the best option was to fill it with grass to try and protect the rim a bit (why did I leave that pump at the HQ?) Luckily for my wheel, a passing cyclist out for a Sunday randonee let me use his pump to gain a mile or so of squishy riding before I was on the rims again. At that point, I took off my shoes and did the last few miles running in my socks.

Carrying my bike into Bletchingly Town Hall, I was congratulated on a very impressive 1st lap, and had to explain it wasn’t quite as it seemed… You get these kind of days I suppose, and at least it made for an entertaining morning and plenty to talk about at lunch time.

Steve Dennis, who won last year, was a DNS due to a cold (get well soon Steve).

Andrew Drake put in a respectable 01:00:34 to claim 19th place, and was the only finisher from the club.