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SCCU 100

Maddy Lee-Smith writes…

Having only discovered the world of cycling and time trialling last year I thought this year I would try to be a little bit more focused – despite being from the lesser species, that of the triathlete. I managed to complete a 25 mile TT in June and the Kingston to Worthing run with the Kingston Phoenix club in July so with only 66 miles as my longest ride under my belt thought a 100 mile TT would be a good idea.

The course was the G100/60 around Horsham/Broadbridge Heath and then down to Washington and included 2 northern loops and 2.5 southern loops. My aim going into the TT was to average over 20mph with one little eye on the record if things were going well (4:51). The first 50 went well (2:21) and just as things started feeling a bit harder the route moved down south to the southern Washington loops so a change of scenery was very much appreciated. The 2nd 50 miles was very much unknown territory and I had a few mental stumbles particularly miles 60-70 which was the second slowest 10 miles, but I hung on in there thanks mainly to a comment from my other half who dared to insinuate that maybe a 100 miles would prove to be too big a mouthful for me to chew ! He knows me very well and knows that I respond well to negative encouragement! Of course it had the desired effect as I was not going home saying I hadn’t finished.

The last 10 miles were pretty tough and at one point I did consider sitting on the side of the road to cry but thankfully managed to fight the urge and finish in a time of 4:56 averaging over 20mph (5 mins outside the EGCC ladies record but next time…..)

There were a number of things I learnt on Sunday 5th August;
– a 100 mile TT with no distance preparation is one of the toughest things I have ever done
– I talk and sing to myself a lot when the going gets tough
– try not to have to carry 2.5 litres of water with you (you’ll notice it on any uphills)
– and that if you want to eat 2 Snickers guilt free then this is the sport for you !!!

The good news is I can still walk and I may even do another one but with more training and with that record firmly in my sights.


1st 50  02:21:00.25   
2nd 50  02:33:10.40   
1st 25  01:09:25.70   
2nd 25  01:11:34.55   
3rd 25  01:14:14.53   
4th 25  01:18:55.87 

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