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SCA 50

Steve Dennis writes…

OK so it was a tad wet when we all awoke on the morning of the SCA 50
miles championships, but it was a bit of a poor show that 46% of the
field didn’t start.

As it was, the rain stopped about an hour before
the first rider was due to start, so we only had to contend with the
odd flood or three, and for some the prospect of cleaning their bike
for the second time in a weekend!

For me it was back to normal compared to the sublime road conditions
in Essex the week before and immediately fell victim to the poor state
of Sussex roads as my front wheel disapeared down a cleverly disguised

Mike Anton, our only other starter, was well on his way to the second
half of the course by this point and was taking no chances with being
seen either as everyone going the opposite way to him was dazzled by
his 80 watt flashing LED. Mike cheated the puncture fairies to finish
disappointed in 2hrs 8mins 38secs. He then jumped in his car and zoomed
off to take pictures of the later riders.

After negotiating the infamous A272 section, it was back down the A24
to Washington and on to Bramber and then Beeding Court RAB’s. This
boosted the average speed up a bit, but then you had to come all the
way back! And then climb Washington hill en-route to Findon.

The usual
blast back to Dial Post didn’t actually happen so course records were
out of the question, but I did do enough to claim my 10th win at this
event in 1hr 51mins 56secs.

1  Steve Dennis    East Grinstead CC     01:51:56 
2  Dave Shepherd   Liphook Cycles RT     02:00:08 
3  Paul Thatcher   Brighton Mitre CC     02:00:24 
4  Niall Digby     Sigma Sport           02:01:33 
5  Nigel Reynolds  Worthing Excelsior    02:03:52 
6  Mel Roberton    Worthing Excelsior    02:03:58 
7  James Hughes    BEC CC                02:03:58 
8  Peter Moon      Eastbourne Rovers CC  02:04:27 
9  Mark Bernhardt  Worthing Excelsior    02:07:02 
10 Mike Anton      East Grinstead CC     02:08:38 

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