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SCA 25 Miles Championships

Steve Dennis writes…

Two East Grinstead riders rode in the SCA 25 Miles Championships at
the week end. Steve Dennis and Paul Winkley (Team Eden River Press)
faced the time keeper for a lap of the challenging G25/93 Steyning/West
Grinstead/Washington/Shoreham circuit.

With a change of wind direction
from previous weeks, it made the going tough on the A24 leg from West
Grinstead to Washington, although Paul commented that it felt like he
was “riding through treacle” all the way. – Probably due to fatigue
after a hefty training session the previous week. This was reflected
in his finish time, a disappointing (for him)1hr 6min 9secs compared to
his mid-week ’10’ time of 25:35 – his best for several seasons.

Steve Dennis, who started later in the field, struggled against the
head wind but made it up again on the Shoreham leg to finish in 54min
18secs, enough for only 4th place this week (he’s slipping!). The
winner was multi-national champion Michael Hutchinson in a time to put
us all to shame – 51:26!

pics here

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