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SCA 23

Richard Blackmore writes…

It was the typical event we’ve come to expect from the Grinnies – well organised, well marshalled, well supported and well run plus a very nice day for a change, although a bit on the cold side for those who weren’t moving about.

Steve D did a great job and the ladies in the HQ, Carla, Ute, Lorraine and Ange(after her marshal duties) dispensed drinks and cakes and did the result board.

Results were as follows :-  
1st  Will Mangar      In Gear RT        52.26
2nd  Conall Yates     In Gear RT        52.45
3rd  Steve Dennis     EGCC              52.47  (incl 40 sec late start)
4th  Niall Digby      Sigma Sport       55.26
5th  Dave Shepherd    GS Stella         55.45
6th  Sean Yates       In Gear RT        56.54  
7th  Rob Pelham       Lewes Wand.       56.55
8th  Tom Glandfield   Lewes Wand.       57.01
9th  Roger Smith      Southdown Bikes   57.33
10th  Tony Reeves     GS Stella         57.36
     Chris Yates      EGCC            1.00.02
     Alan MacInnes    EGCC            1.00.53

1st Vet on std  Mel Roberton   Worthing Excel
2nd Vet on std  Steve Dennis  EGCC

1st Team  IN Gear RT

So really it was a Yates family affair with Mum and Dad also in attendance. Sean said he was prevented from going any faster by his heart pacemaker!

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