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Richard’s Saturday morning ride

Richard Woodward muses…

On what should have been a good day for riding a TT as the winds were very calm I went for a lovely ride instead. I had to get out early as Ute wanted time at the allotment so my early ride started at 8:30 and I set off to ride down to Ditchling.

Once there I couldn’t resist riding to the top and from there I went towards Brighton but took a left and dropped down into the back of Stanmer park and then through my old university of Sussex and then quickly down to Lewis where I wiggled my way back through the lanes to home.

90km later I returned to take up my duties and which allowed Ute to go digging. A lovely ride in the sunshine where I discovered perhaps a new café in Stanmer park that could be used on a winter club run.

Next week I hope to ride the Catford Q10/19. EGCC had a couple of riders in the Andover wheelers Middle Markers 10 on the P613 course where Chris Kitchener came a creditable 8th with a time of 22.02 and Alan Starsmeare did a 24.08. I would have ridden but I stayed at home to look after Imogen as Ute ran the allotment shop.