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RTTC National 10

Paul Blackmore writes…

Whilst the rest of the club were racing against local minnows, PB entered the National 10 on the ‘local’ A3 course starting at Liphook. The new course was in jeopardy due to rain but it stopped early and after a 30 minute delay the first of the 160 men was off. I was off number 59 and had a reasonably trouble free ride. Had to slow down a bit at Ham Barn roundabout but otherwise no excuses, recording 21-15, not too far off a PB and similar to the likes of Tim Stevens 21-13, James Dear 21-11 and Mark Winton 20-59.

Unfortunately I had to scoot off before the top boys were off, by which time the conditions were much better of course! It was a great event, really well organised with lots of marshalls, shouts of encouragement at the turn and from my Dad and an up to the minute results service. This was my first National and it was great to do such a big event, although next time I’ll look to improve on 94th overall!

#  Rider               Club                        Time     Notes 5 miles   mph  
1  Michael Hutchinson  In-Gear Quickvit RT         00:18:07  SEN  00:08:55  33.118  
2  Tony Gibb           Team Plowman Craven         00:18:50  SEN  00:09:04  31.858  
3  Charles McCulloch   Shorter Rochford RT         00:19:03  VET  00:09:11  31.496  
4  Ben Instone         www.scientific-coaching.com 00:19:09  SEN  00:09:13  31.331  
5  Alex Dowsett        100% ME                     00:19:16  ESP  00:09:11  31.141  
6  Craig Simpson       Blue Sky Cycles             00:19:25  SEN  00:09:37  30.901  

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