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Road Racing update

Robin Parker writes…

At times it’s felt like a long time coming (like when I kept getting dropped!), but some results at last. Obviously they are like buses, so there’s nothing and then two in three days. Not that I’m complaining though!

First up was 4th cat event at Goodwood on Sunday. I tried to get away but couldn’t manage it. These 4th cat events seem to be heavily populated with testers, all much much stronger than me, who want to chase down everything. So I decided to sit back a bit. Obviously that was the queue for 4 guys to sneak off the front with about 4 laps to go. But I did take the bunch sprint to claim 5th place. That was fairly exciting I can tell you! 60 odd 4th cats hurtling towards the final corner in howling tail wind. I was first through the chicane with 54×13 whirling like a good un and there wasn’t anyone coming around that!

And so back to Hillingdon on Tuesday evening. I’ve been doing the 4th cat events there for the last few weeks and have pretty much figured the circuit out. Again I made several good attacks during the event, and again they weren’t letting anything go. But the good news was that I again nailed the bunch sprint and so have taken my first win of the season. Woohoo!

So I think that that makes me a 3rd cat. No idea what happens now with regards to getting license updated or with regards to 4th cat events that I’ve already entered (any hints Paul would be appreciated).

No such concerns this weekend as I am doing an LVRC event at Cutmill on Sunday. If memory serves me correct, this one is a little lumpy and so I’m not expecting a big bunch finish. And I’m also expecting to be back in trouble keeping up on the climbs (I must get around to losing some weight at some point this year!). But hey, it definitely feels like I’m making some progress this last few weeks. Bring on the races !