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Redmon CC 2 up TTT

Steve Dennis writes

Sunday 15th of October saw the 31st promotion of the Redmon CC’s popular
“Grand Prix Des Gentlemen”. This years event was a 15 mile loop from North
Holmwood – A24 – Clarks Green – Rusper – Newdigate – Henfold Lakes and back
up Inholms Lane to North Holmwood again.

EGCC sported two teams – Kevin &
Mark Bashford and Ted Boorman & Steve Dennis. The idea behind the race is
that one rider is a veteran (the Gentleman), and he takes pace behind his
partner for the entire distance barring the last 200m.

Now while we all know
TB to be a master wheel sucker, I think I must have started a little too
fast for the old boy (he’s 65 next birthday!), as he kept falling back out
of my slip-stream.
As a consequence, we lost a fair amount of time and didn’t feature too high
on the result board, but, as the main prizes are worked out on vets standard
and Ted being 64, we got 5th place and were in the prizes!

Meanwhile, out on the road, father & son duo Kev and Mark were thundering
down the road from Henfold Hill when Mark suffered a puncture, which left
Kevin to ride the last 2 miles on his own. Kev crossed the line in 40min
21secs, for a plus of 16 seconds on his target time.

Ted & my time was 38:35
(plus 7min 31secs). The winning pair were John Woodburn (69 years) & James
Millard who clocked 35:13 for a plus of 13min 06secs.