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Redmon 25

Well I never! Summer arrived with a bang in April !

Three members of the EGCC ditched their thermals of previous weeks to bare their arms and legs for the first time this season in the Redmon CC 25 on the G 25/45 Kingsfold/Baregreen/Clemsfold/Southwater course.

Was it only April or August in disguise? As nearly 40 riders broke the hour barrier, on this far from fastest of coures with an extremely tedious leg from Baregreen through Ockley and on to Clemsfold down the
A 29. The road surface along this stretch leaves a lot to be desired to say the least.

Ted Boorman was first Grinnie to face the timekeeper (a really nice bloke by the name of Frank Cubis) off No.43, and seen sporting a new pointy hat, obviously his light build didn’t agree with the afore-
mentioned road surfaces, as he returned confessing that he was disapointed with his near 1hr4min ride.

Next up No.90 Steve Dennis started well then hit a dead patch along the Capel by-pass and onto the A29 only to recover by Horsham by-pass, but by this point the damage was done and could not pull back the 1min
and 18secs he would have needed to have won. His 53:07 was a personal best for the course and enough for 3rd place overall.

Meanwhile out on the road off No.107, Richard Woodward was on for the ride of his life, sporting disc wheel, tri spoke front and pointy hat he reported no problems and clocked 1:01:03 for a lifetime best at 25miles.

The event attracted 114 solo riders and 4 tendem pairs. The winner was Paul Mill of Team Edwardes in 51:49.

Steve Dennis