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Records tumble

Paul Blackmore writes…

Despite SD increasing the distance by 20 metres to a new starting point he still went faster. As did most people…..well except me.
Too busy at work to write a report, only to say we were blessed with fine weather and I had a curry at the Royal Oak afterwards. Otherwise it was sheer hell. And someone thought it a good idea to have another one next week. I remember the days when we raced from Crawley to Horsham on those nice smooth, flat roads with lots of cars to slipstream………………..

Ben Hardisty writes…

I confess ! at last year’s AGM I managed to persuade Steve that it would be a good idea to keep these 2 longer rides in our Evening series calendar and by a small majority it was agreed. Well at least it looks as though we won’t be having the torrential rainstorm next week that we had last year – now that was sheer hell.

Back to racing matters, in excellent conditions Steve managed a fabulous 57:17 which we think may be a course record, he is very much a man in form at the moment. Meanwhile not too far behind, Mike, Paul and Andy had a close battle for the minor places – all clocking fast times. In midfield, Ted, Richard and Paul also had a good tussle.

As for me, well I watched most folk pass me by, but once Paul W (at 1 min) and then Richard (at 2 mins) passed me I made a determined effort to keep them in sight and (many thanks to them both) they dragged me to my 4th consecutive PB (ahem) in as many weeks.

Neil & Ute both rode to good times with their first rides on the course. Meanwhile Rob Dickson, who had made a massive effort to get to the start line on time, managed to go straight on at Cowfold, missing the left turn eastwards towards Bolney (despite having completed this course before).

Mike Anton adds…

I seconded Ben’s request to keep the ’25s’ as they’re the most local events to me. I’m also rubbish on corners which accounts for my poor times round t’ Horne. Consequently I prefer ‘straighter’ courses though not flat ones as Paul B is even faster on them. 😉

We’re having some good battles this year though I do think Mr Dennis either needs a) ballast or b) to start 5 minutes later than the rest of us……

I do also remember doing a 25 in the early 90’s? that went up Bolney hill and Handcross Hill!! Perhaps we should try that one again?! :O

Full results :
Dennis S        0:57:17
Anton M         1:02:23
Blackmore P     1:03:16
Seltzer A       1:03:40
Boorman E       1:07:17
Woodward R      1:08:57
Winkley P       1:09:55
Hardisty B      1:11:25
Horrigan N      1:15:29
Berkenhoff U    1:26:03
Dickson R       DNF (went off course)

Steve Dennis adds…

I have been looking through my records and can’t find anything on the hilly 24 so I would hazard a guess that last nights ride is course record.

No wait a minute – I’ve spotted a result from 1986. The Central Sussex CC “25” on 24/6/86 Looks like my long time rival Mike Coyle holds it with 56:44 to
my 57:59 on that occasion.

Regarding the evening 10s on G10/39, Sean Yates holds the record set on 17/5/89 with 21:18 while he was riding for Peugeot. I did 23:31. My fastest time before the 22:22 the other week was 22:32 set on 21/8/90. Hope this helps.

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