Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Rain certainly affected play. Club 10.

Tuesday’s weather certainly had an impact on the weekly trip around T’Horne with only a handful of hardy souls partaking.

Mr Dennis went road surfing in the morning and was sporting knee bandages in the evening and not riding. Mr Anton punctured en route for his marshalling slot and only got on station with minutes to spare.

And (Addiscombe) Agreeables visitor George Brent managed 3 miles before unfortunately being visited by the puncture fairies.

So it was down to just four to contest the evening and two of them chose to ride a tandem.

Jed Kafetz teamed up with Tim Rice as machine #1 and set a respectable 28:19. Jon Carter came through in 26:46 and John Geal wisely rode a sensible event and recorded 33:53.

Thanks as ever to Mr Blackmore for pushing off and Mr Daniels and Mr Robinson for timekeeping.