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Pulborough / Selsey

Mike Anton writes…

Horsham Cycling and Crawley Wheelers promoted two rides; one to Selsey and the other to Midhurst.

I did the Selsey run last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately only
three other people decided to give it a whirl this time round. Undeterred,
the four of us set off via Christ’s Hospital, Coolham, Storrington, up
Houghton Hill and then down the A29 towards Slindon.

There was a brisk SW wind but it wasn’t too much of an issue for the first
hour and half. Unfortunately it became quite a factor on the A27 and a
positive hindrance on the billiard table flat roads down to Selsey.

A welcome food stop at the cafe in Selsey recharged everyone’s batteries for
the return trip. The cafe appears to be THE social mecca of Selsey and
unfortunately the service was rather slow. This meant that I wouldn’t be
able to get back in the allotted 5 hours though I wasn’t that fussed.

The tail wind for the return trip was very much appreciated and saw us
pootling along the back roads at 20Mph+ with minimal effort.

Rejoining the A29, the descent down Bury Hill maxxed out at 49mph according
to my speedo, which was a tad scary!

The final 70 minutes passed without event though some legs were starting to
get tired. We got back to the HQ in a trip time of about 4:35 which was
pretty good for approx 80 miles.

Definitely a worthwhile event and maybe we can get a few more Grinnies out
for it next year?