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Predict Your Time

On probably the best evening so far for the 10’s, several riders produced best times for the year on the course. As usual SD topped the list although he was taking it easy prior to the start of his holiday with 23-14. PB closed to within 22 seconds of SD with 23-36, a best time for the course.

Improving were also 3rd MB 24-48, 4th AS 25-38, 5th MW 27-02 & NH 27-52.
GT continues to have problems in completing the course. After taking 3 months to repair the puncture which forced a DNF in May, a innocent cat trying to cross the road and large tree caused a 2nd DNF of the year. Marshalling duties next week means he has just 1 chance to get round before we head for the hills. I believe GT is asking the CTT for special dispensation for a lead & following car!

After cleaning up the points competition by July, SD has introduced a new competition, Predict Your Time. Guest rider SP was closest, recording a time just 7secs away from his actual. PB was best for EGCC, 14secs away. Thanks for keeping up our interest Steve.
Until next week.

Full results :

Dennis S 0:23:14
Blackmore P 0:23:36
Bashford M 0:24:58
Seltzer A 0:25:38
Willis M 0:27:02
Taylor B 0:27:48
Horrigan N 0:27:52
Cole J 0:30:15
Geal J 0:30:42
Dennis C 0:33:22
Seltzer L 0:38:11
Tulett G DNF

Price S 0:23:38
Truelove C 0:26:34
Ashton-Coulton G 0:28:31

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