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Paragon 25

Steve Dennis writes…

After last weeks thorough thrashing by Michael Hutchinson in the SCA 25
Championships, I thought it was time to try to make amends in the
Norwood Paragon CC 25 on the “local” Broadbridge Heath course.
With no ‘Hutch’ to contend with and being placed no.120 on the start
sheet I was the fastest rider on paper so only had to better the
efforts of frequent adversaries Mike Coyle, Keith Coffey and Lee

I wasn’t the only Grinstead rider in the field as there was Kev
Bashford off no.47 – off over an hour before me so I didn’t even get to
speak to him. Then there was ‘tricky’ Dicky Woodward off 8 minutes in
front of me, so I knew if I had sight of him at the finish, I might
just be on for a ride.

The morning was windier than expected with a rising north-easterly in
your face out to Crawley, but a push back to Southwater (which helps!).
I heared a shout at Bewbush that I was up on Coyle but didn’t get the
seconds. I later learned that Coffey had broken his handlebars so was
out of the race. Could I hold out against Coyle who is a strong
finisher? And how was Lee Turner going?

At the result board my concerns were quashed as a quick glance told me
that Mike was 53 seconds slower and Lee another 56 seconds in arrears.
My time of 52:45 was good enough for the win. (Although I’m sure if Mr.
Hutchinson had been there, a short 49 minute ride would have been the
order of the day).

Richard finished a few seconds in front of me so clocked a near PB of
1:00:03, whereas Kev riding in much cooler conditions did 1:03:37.

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