Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Old Portlians 10, just the two of us.

Mr Anton reports……

Well what with Mr Hardisty playing with matches, Richard having some wedding to go to (his and Ute’s!!!) and Kevin B a DNS, it was just down to Mr Winkley and I to represent the club.

My previous best on this course was a woeful 24:01 so I really needed to do a decent time. Just to improve my chances, I thought I’d take the plunge with a pointy hat.

It probably did help as I scrapped 8th with 21:49. Let’s see if it helps on tomorrow’s 25.

Paul put in a perfectly respectable 24:47 though I suspect he was saving some energy for his singing voice at tonight’s Proms at Herstmonceaux castle.

The weather was good and the lightish northerly wind was a boon for the return leg. Still, only four people went under 21 mins.

1st C Yates InGear Quickvit 20:24

2nd K Butler BEC CC 20:39

3rd S Calland Norwood Paragon 20:45

4th L Turner Sigma Sport 20:54

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