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Norwood Paragon 25

Dennis wins – at last! (well, if I have to write it, I have the right
to blow my own trumpet don’t I?).

Steve Dennis and Richard Woodward were the only EGCC riders entered in
the Norwood Paragon CC 25 on sunday morning, and with the threat of a
wet ride, Richard and about 20 others thought better of it.

Dennis took full advantage of the unusually weak field on this G25/53
Southwater/Crawley course, especially when he realised that his main
opponent, James Dear of In-Gear/Quickvit RT had punctured. He crossed
the finish line, just avoiding the first of the rain (which set in
nicely for the ride home!), in 54 mins 10 seconds.

Not his fastest ride
on this course, but enough for that elusive win. Second place went to
Mark Winton of Lewes Wanderers with 56:11.


pics from event

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