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Norwood Paragon 25

Ben Crick writes…

Norwood Paragon 25M TT

There were 4 Grinnies on the start sheet and 3 made it to the sign on despite the forecasted threat of 35MPH gusting winds  from the west and showers .

I was off at 07:33 and pulled into the car park just as Maddy was heading down to the start. She was off early,  with a view to get back home and allow her other half somebike time in on a Sunday. It sounds like a match made in heaven.


Thankfully it was not raining at the start and stayed dry for the whole field of riders which was a bonus. The wind, however was as prescribed by the Met office and as I progressed down the A264 towards Crawley I was sure a few Strava segment PR’s would be improved. I even got up Tollgate hill quicker than normal but that was to be last of the positives and PR’s for the day as I,  and all the other nutters who call TT’s fun,  battled through the wind.

Steve was having his own fun and managed only his 3rd late start in 30 years and added 30 + secs to his time. He also started 8 places later which explains why he never took me over. The stress of the late start and penalty seconds probably cost him 3rd place.

Maddy had a torturous and slightly demoralising ride but still managed to place first Lady home. After racing in the wind and rain in her last 25,  her times seem to be going backwards (I know the feeling)

A well organised event and Pete Tadros still managed a 53 in a very tough wind.

1st Pete Tadros  53:30

East Grinstead riders
4th Steve Dennis  55:50
Maddy Lee smith   1:04:31  (First Lady)
Ben Crick   1:05:56

P.S Times may not be accurate as they seemed to be some issues at the end which added 15 secs onto the recorded times


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