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North Hampshire RC 25

Paul Blackmore close to beating Dennis…

Paul Blackmore was just 4 seconds behind Steve Dennis over 25 miles at the weekend, putting in a stirling performance and almost toppling the mighty Mr Dennis.

The only slight technicality was that they were on different courses, oh and different days!
Whilst Steve Dennis was pounding up and back the grizzly A22 on a cold Sunday morning, PB opted for 2 laps of the smooth roads of the A31 near Farnham on an armwarmer-less Saturday afternoon.

SD got a bit of a pasting from Gordon McCauley, a 4 minute beating, but Steve’s ride was still quality as he was over 4 minutes clear of 3rd place Mark Winton!

PB drew level with Mike Anton in the EGCC 25 mile hall of fame with a 54-52, a personal best by 1 second. But his ride was only good enough for 17th place. Winner James Millard did a 49-47, and interestingly Mark Winton warmed up for the Sunday with 54-02 for 11th place.

Wrong course Steve??

VTTA Sussex/Surrey 25 
1st  G McCauley    50-50 
2nd  S Dennis      54-48 
3rd  M Winton      59-08 

North Hampshire 25 
1st  James Millard 49-47 
2nd  L Harding     50-37 
3rd  D McGaw       51-01 
17th P Blackmore   54-52   
     T Boorman     tba