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More Club Vets Records Broken this year

Paul Blackmore reports…

Brian Phillips has been busy breaking vets records in August, first the 50 then in the 12hour.

Incredibly Brian equalled Steve Dennis’s Vets actual record set in June with the same 1:45:43, but improved on his own vets standard record to +40.49.

That was the 8th Aug, then a week later he did 267 miles in his local Breckland 12 hour event to improve his previous mark for actual and a new plus of 57miles.

Luckily someone was there to record the event, see pictures attached.

Meanwhile Steve Dennis has returned from holiday rested and improved his own 25 vets record, doing an incredible 51-37 on the horrible G25/89 course.

So many congratulations to both and keep up the good work.

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