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Mid Sussex Triathlon

Paul Blackmore writes…

Mid Sussex Triathlon – Triangle Leisure Centre Burgess Hill – Sunday

Thought I’d enter a Tri for a bit of a laugh, try something different for a change. As I do a bit of swimming anyway I figured the run was the only difficult bit.

And the distances were all short, swim 400m or 16 lengths, bike 25ks – the easy bit, then run 5k. Things didn’t look too good driving down as the rain was lashing down but thankfully it had stopped by the time the first guys started at 7am. I jumped in the pool about 7.30 and had a good swim, passing a couple of guys better getting out in 6mins 40secs.

Transition was a bit problematic and I ended up freewheeling for an age trying to get my shoes tightened. Once away I didn’t feel too good and felt like I was just going through the motions a bit, not really able to go flat out. Finally after about 20ks I started to feel better and got the big gear going back into the leisure centre.

Transition was better this time and I started the run feeling OK. Got a few twinges of cramp in the left leg but luckily managed to run those off, and got into a good rhythm. Dying at the end of course but did the 5k in 19-30 so was really happy with that.
Overall finished 9th so was pleased with that for a first go, it was good fun and a great atmosphere. Be looking for a team next time!

1st  Paul Holdaway  1-01-53 
9th  Paul Blackmore 1-06-47 
51st Steve Rollason 1-15-15 

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